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Real name; David Marchand
Birthplace; Rochester NY
Occupation; Singer of AFI
Favorite Bands; Misfits, Minor Threat

Davey Havok is lead singer of the rock band AFI also known as "A Fire Inside. His whole life revolves around this one band it is who he is. He was asked in an interview in 2000 "What comes to mind when you hear A Fire Inside?" Davey said. "That's my band and that's my life AFI." Over ten years it has been a part of his life and still is. But not without some bumps along the way. Davey Havok was born on November 20th, 1975, in Rochester New York. But later moved to Ukiah California where he started the band AFI with fellow band member and high school friend drummer Adam Carson. Four friends started the band in their garages. Trying to escape boredom. Havok lived in a town away from mainstream life In the summer he used to work at a pear shed where he would pack pears and also as a caterer. This small town didn't offer much to do so he passed his time the best he new how. He went skateboarding, worked, sang and made music with his friends, which would later become his career.
Davey started singing at the age of three. His relatives would pay him to stand on chairs in the living room with a wooden spoon as his microphone and sing 1920's songs. As he got older he joined his high school choir to improve and show off his talent. And in the fourth grade hi pre formed in the musical Oliver twist, which was one of his first times performing in front of an audience. This time in his life was the foundation to his singing career.
Havok formed the band AFI in 1991. They would play anywhere people would listen. They even played at his high school battle of the bands to get people to listen to their unique music. But after high school the band decided to go there separate ways and the band broke up. Davey still spent his time writing songs and working with music. As time passed people would come up to him and ask when they're next show would be and that the band should get back together. So the band decided to come together and have a reunion show. The band then saw and also realized how many people were enjoying their music that they had created and decided to get back together for good. The first couple of albums that Havok and his band put out where not the greatest in there opinion. It was hard for people to break away from the sound of regular rock so AFI was struggling to get listeners who where interested in there music. AFI had a different kind of music it had a different sound then original rock. What made it different was the vocals and the lyrics them selves. This would later become something that would make the band a success. In the lyrics that Havok wrote he told about some of his own problems he said in an article "It's a confession for me on paper and then even more so in performing the songs. At the beginning stages of the band not many people could not related to Havok. They where touring and playing any gig that they where offered but times were tough, and at times they had barley any money to eat or even pay for gas. But they wanted to make there dream work. But in 1993 Davey and his band decided to leave their life In Ukiah California and move to Barkley. It was a bigger town closer to the mainstream life where they where able to play shows regularly. This was a major boost for the small town underground band. The first successful album that really brought forth Havoks band was there 1998, album Shut you Mouth and Open Your Eyes the bands third album. But after that record was released the band it self had some revisions. Some of the band members quit and then joined Hunter who played base and Jade who played guitar and there musical influences helped their next three albums one in 1999 and 2000. But in 2003 they released their biggest album to date Sing the Sorrow. This bought the band great success. They have been getting lots of airplay on the radio for there two singles "Girls Not Grey" and "Leaving Song Part II." Early this year they also won an MTV video music award for best video. This was their first award that they have won from one of there many records this was a great milestone for the band and Davey. He and his band have worked ten long years to get where they are and not without a fight and they are not about to quit. "When your playing a style of music that doesn't really fit anywhere, you run a risk. Your challenging people to leave their nich, to leave there predetermined ideas of what there're supposed to like. Luckily, we have a lot of people who just focus on the music and appreciate us for what we are. So we get fans from all different genres of music, the jocks, the spooky kids, skaters, college kids, punk rockers, hardcore kids, metal kids, all that" *Davey Havok Davey Havok's life has been revolving around music since he was three and hasn't stopped yet. "We invest every ounce of who we are in this band and it defines us as people". From singing to his relatives, starring in plays, and even starting a band in his hometown garage, to being on they billboard top ten. The band itself has been through a lot but has come out on top because of Havok's dedication to his band and music.

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